Syllabus Information

From the beginning of the quarter, faculty can be proactive in setting expectations and demonstrating respect for LGBTQ+ students in syllabi.  Consider including the information below.

Expectation of respect

All of us are responsible for being respectful of everyone in this class, including during lab and work group time when I am not present.  I expect all students to make their best efforts to pronounce one another’s names correctly, and to respect one another’s pronouns. If you have questions or concerns related to these expectations, please speak with me.

Gender neutral restroom location

The gender neutral restroom closest to our classroom is in [insert location]. More about gender neutral restroom locations.

Campus resources

Consider including LGBTQ+ Western in the list of campus resources you provide to students.

LGBTQ+ Western
360-650-7583 or

office hours for the LGBTQ+ Director are posted online

Faculty may wish to link to Resources for Racial Justice provided by Western.