Annual Drag Show

Thank you!

Thank you for attending our annual drag show! We look forward to seeing you next year!


Western Washington University’s Annual Drag Show has been a student-run tradition since the early 90’s. Now hosted by LGBTQ+ Western and planned by LGBTQ+ Western student employees, Western’s annual drag show is the longest running university drag show in the state. The show features student drag artists as well as some professional local drag artists, many of whom are Western Washington University alumni. 

Tickets can be bought at the Performing Arts Center box office online here or in person. It is recommended to buy the tickets online in advance to ensure a spot in the show.

The show will be held on Saturday, April 20th. Doors will open at 7pm. The door show will start around 7:30pm and end around 10:0pm with a short intermission between acts.

  • When you enter the main doors of the Performing Arts Center (PAC), the Concert Hall is on the right.
  • The Concert Hall is not accessible through the south side entrance facing the 11G Parking lot.
  • The closest free parking lots are Lot C and 12G. The closest paid parking spots are in lots 6V and 9G. Lot 11G will likely be full for performers and the showing of the other PAC event "The Cake"
  • Interactive Western Washington University Campus Map
  • Evening and Weekend Visitor Parking Map
  • The closest lots to the venue are 11G (South side of the PAC) and 6V (West side of the Viking Union). 6V is free on weekends, while there is a fee to park in 11G. If either lot is full, there is more free parking in the C lots on the opposite side of campus, about ¾ mile away. WTA Busses from the C lot to the PAC leave intermittently. 

  • If parking in 11G, turn left out of the parking lot, travel along the East side of the PAC, and turn left again at the ‘Performing Arts Center’ sign; the entrance will be on your left.  

  • If parking in 6V, enter the Viking Union through the door to the left of the ‘Make Waves’ banner. Take the elevator up to the sixth floor. Turn left out of the elevator, take another left, and travel past the restrooms until you reach the other set of elevators. 90 degrees to the right, there are doors to exit the building and go into the PAC plaza. Walk across the plaza to the PAC main entrance. 

  • Stay out of performers’ ways: When a performer is doing their number, please keep the walkways clear and do not get on the stage. If you need to leave your seat during the show, we recommend leaving between numbers when the host is on the mic  

  • Consent is key: Consent goes both ways and is mandatory. Do not touch performers or their costume or hair without their consent. If you do not want a performer to interact with you, create an “X” with your arms. 

  • Tip your performers (if you can): Tipping performers either physically with dollar bills or electronically is a great way to show your support for the performers. Drag is an expensive art form and takes a lot of time and practice. Tips are often how drag artists support their art and get compensated for their time. If you are financially able to, we encourage you to tip the performers. However, if you are unable to tip, there are other ways you can show your support for the performers. 

  • Clap and cheer for your performers: This is a great way to support performers if you’re unable to tip. If you see something you like, show us! During a performance, if you see an outfit, a dance movement or moment you enjoy, don’t be afraid to show your love by clapping and cheering. By clapping and cheering, you are energizing the performer and showing appreciation for their art  

  • Have fun: Most importantly, have fun! If you’re having fun, then the performers are having fun, and it will be a positive experience for everyone involved.  

You can hand cash to the performers yourself, throw it onto the stage, or have a tip runner collect it from you. I you prefer to tip digitally, the event program handed out at the doors will include Venmo or CashApp usernames for each performer. 

Western Washington University's Annual Drag Show is an all-ages event. However, the show will contain content that may not be suitable for children, including sexual themes and explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised. Children should be accompanied by an adult.

Previous shows would generally be rated PG-13.

  • The most accessible entrance to the PAC is on the North side of the building, facing the Viking Union and the Twisted Pyramid sculpture. There is a ramp and an automatic door-opener button. 

  • ADA parking can be found in lots 11G (on the South side of the Performing Arts Center) and lot 6V (on the West side of the Viking Union). You can use the elevators in the Viking Union to get to 6th floor which is on the same street level as the Performing Arts Centers, directly across from the Viking Union

  • For directions from the parking lots to the PAC entrance, see the parking section of the FAQ. 

  • Most entrances to the concert hall are inaccessible. To enter the seating area without having to use stairs, take the elevator in the Northwest corner of the PAC lobby down one floor. This will take you behind the stage. Staff will be there to guide you through the backstage area and into the concert hall. 

  • If overstimulated by the noise or performance, you may exit to the lobby. Please note that we recommend re-entering only between performer sets if possible.

  • Earplugs will be provided during the event 

  • There will be an ASL interpreter 

  • Go on LGBTQ+ Western’s Instagram and find the performers profile posts. You can follow each artist on their social media and support them at future drag shows. Performers may also post their CashApp, PayPal and Venmo usernames on their social media 

  • Follow Western’s Royal Gambit Drag Club on Instagram to support student drag artists. They host monthly drag shows each quarter on Western’s campus with $1 admission. 

  • Rumors Cabaret in downtown Bellingham hosts weekly drag shows on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, along with a bi-monthly show on Wednesdays. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook  

  • Check on Wild Buffalo and The Blue Room’s event pages for future drag and queer art events. Both are local music and arts venues, with the latter occasionally hosting 18+ drag shows.  

We are hoping to turn gendered restrooms into Gender Neutral Restrooms. The gender neutral restrooms in the building are: PA 150A, 151A, 390 

We have not set a date yet, but auditions are typically mid-late February. This year it was February 23rd and 24th.

Audition Logistics

Auditions are closed for 2024, we will keep audition information up so you can plan for next year. We will have a timeline up early January 2025!


Friday, February 23rd and Saturday, February 24th

3-6pm both dates in Viking Union 735

If auditioning in person, please send us an mp3 of your audition music to

Online auditions are videos sent to due by Monday, Feb 26th at noon.

Anyone 18+ is welcome to audition, including community members! Priority is given to currently enrolled Western Washington University students.

Audition Sign Ups

You can sign up using this Calendly link.

Planning for your Audition

Full drag not required. But please send us pictures so we can get a sense of your style and what you can do.

Gender-neutral restrooms available to use for changing.

We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your audition time. Please note that being late will impact your peers auditioning after you.

What we're looking for:

  • Make up
  • Professionalism
  • Choreography
  • Attention-capturing
  • Facial Expressions
  • A cohesive concept
  • Personality
  • Resilience (such as continuing on even when you miss a step or the tech is weird)

Your audition can show anything! Lip-synching, singing, comedy, etc.

You will also be asked a few questions by our committee.

Video Auditions

If you cannot make it in person or prefer to send a video, please email it to by Monday, February 26th at noon.

Make sure you send clear photos and video to us. This should show you performing.

We will email you questions after our committee has had a chance to review them.